Maintaining Normal Blood Sugar Levels

The term ‘Blood sugar levels’ is used when we talk about the amount of sugar present in the body’s blood stream. Mammals (including humans) maintain and tightly regulate the sugar level as part of what is known as metabolism - metabolism is the term used to describe how quickly the digestive system breaks down food, to be used as energy by cells in the body. The normal blood sugar level in humans is about 72 mg/dl - 72 milligrams (72 thousandth … [Read more...]

Lower Glucose Level And Uses Of Herbal

How you Lower glucose level and how to use herbs to do this. Basically, glucose is the blood sugar which, in most cases is generated from the digested foods that we consume daily. The whole process starts with digestion (the process of food being broken down into small units). This small units are in form of sugars known as glucose, which is the absorbed into the blood stream. Though naturally, human body controls the level of blood sugar, it is … [Read more...]

Glucose Levels: How To Manage REWRITE

Glucose is a simple sugar that travels through our blood stream. It enters through our body in the form of foods high in carbohydrates. Our body uses it as the primary source of energy. Glucose levels in the blood stream are regulated and being kept  at safe levels by insulin, the hormone that is produced by the pancreas. This is determined by factors including food consumed and metabolism. For people without diabetic issues, this is regulated on … [Read more...]

Can One Type Of Fat Affect Blood Sugars Differently?

Lets discuss blood sugars and how different types of fat affect them. We all know that fat should be consumed in moderation, and that excessive intake can cause numerous negative effects, not least weight gain. But controlling the amount of fat you eat is only one part of the story. Over the last two decades much research has focused on the types of fat we intake, and some surprising results have come to light. When previously we thought pretty … [Read more...]

artificial sweeteners Diabetics – Be Careful

Over the last three decades the food industry has developed succeeding and continuously improving sweetener technologies as a solution to an increasing hunger for sweetened foods such as soda or snacks. Artificial sweeteners are now commercially used across the world in gum, tea, or coffee and general baking. As a diabetic taking advantage of artificial sweeteners can make a real difference to your life, enabling you to still enjoy foods or fizzy … [Read more...]