artificial sweeteners Diabetics – Be Careful

Over the last three decades the food industry has developed succeeding and continuously improving sweetener technologies as a solution to an increasing hunger for sweetened foods such as soda or snacks. Artificial sweeteners are now commercially used across the world in gum, tea, or coffee and general baking. As a diabetic taking advantage of artificial sweeteners can make a real difference to your life, enabling you to still enjoy foods or fizzy drinks sweetened artificially such as Diet Coke or Pepsi Max.

Artificial Sweeteners

It is important to know that not all sweeteners are the same, and are used as an ingredient in a variety of foods and drinks. The four most commonly used sweetener types are sucralose, aspartimine, saccharin and acesulfame potassium all used under various brand names under license. aspartame is used commercially for pre-packaged foods.

Using artificial sweeteners, as opposed to real sweetener, does not directly raise your blood sugar and is safer for diabetics to use. If you are adding sweeteners to foods, check how much carbohydrates are already present as adding artificial sweeteners won’t stop these having an affect on blood glucose levels. make sure you carry on following your diabetic diet.

Honey is another form of alternative sweetener to sugar but it is not artificial, and still contains carbohydrates so will still raise your blood sugar levels. Always take in moderation and check you sugar levels to see the effect of honey on your body.

Sweeteners are not without controversy, and recent research has linked aspartame to Alzheimer’s disease, and both acesulfame and aspartame [aspertame] are linked to many other bad side effects, so it’s best to speak to a medical practitioner about the uses, and effects of using sweeteners regularly as part of your diabetic diet.


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