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Glucose Levels

Glucose is a simple sugar that travels through our blood stream. It enters through our body in the form of foods high in carbohydrates. Our body uses it as the primary source of energy. Glucose levels in the blood stream are regulated and being kept  at safe levels by insulin, the hormone that is produced by the pancreas. This is determined by factors including food consumed and metabolism. For people without diabetic issues, this is regulated on its own. Lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining normal glucose levels, and can help a person cope with the complications of either high (hyperglycemic) or low (hypoglycemic) blood glucose levels.

Normal glucose levels are necessary to keep our body functioning well. Our body functions on energy produced by glucose. That’s why certain levels are important to maintain. When people suffer from glucose level complications, an increasing awareness of glucose levels in the body is required to ensure the prescribed normal glucose levels are kept. Insulin is released whenever there is rise beyond the normal level. The normal glucose levels are between 70 and 150mg. It is observed that glucose levels are lower in the mornings, rising after every subsequent meal. The range will also vary between every individual and individual circumstance. To keep healthy it is essential to maintain normal glucose levels, and it is equally important to seek your doctor’s advice if you think your glucose level may be moving towards unsafe limits (either high or low).

Glucose levels rising beyond 150mg is known as hyperglycemia. Below 70mg is diagnosed as hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. It is important to note that hypoglycemia or low blood sugar could be fatal, and is commonly accompanied by symptoms such as irritability and loss of consciousness. When the body fails to regulate glucose levels naturally within safe margins, the result, or condition (not disease) is called diabetes mellitus, a condition that can damage eyesight, the kidney and the nerves in the long run.

It is essential to have a blood glucose test to measure whether you exceed or are below normal glucose levels. This helps to eliminate the possibility of diabetes or to check for hypoglycemia. There are several types of tests and treatments to check for normal glucose levels. A fasting glucose test is normally undertaken to check on glucose levels in the blood following, as prescribed, eight hours of fasting. The glucose levels are then recorded. Blood glucose levels are declared normal they are between 70mg and 99mg. A further test known as the two hour postprandial blood sugar test, measures the blood sugar level two hours after a meal. In this case, normal glucose levels must need to fall to between 70 and 145mg.

There is also another test For people diagnosed with diabetes a common test – the oral glucose tolerance test – confirms glucose levels, and test for insulin response. A glucose – based drink is given to the patient. If you have any doubts in your own glucose levels, it is best to seek your physician and sign up for tests. People today have random eating habits, which can cause a shift towards higher than normal glucose levels.

Another type of test is random blood sugar which measures glucose regardless of when you last ate. This is useful since glucose levels in healthy people do not vary throughout the day. This test is also called casual blood glucose test.

Having a healthy and constantly monitored height and weight proportionate is best to maintain the normal glucose levels. Any physical activity can lower your glucose level. A combined physical activity and closely monitored food choice enables us to maintain the normal glucose levels. A high diet in vegetables and protein and low in carbohydrates and regular exercise are the keys to have a healthy body. Eating regularly and maintaining a diet – rich in protein and avoiding excessive sugar can prevent low blood sugar.

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