An Exclusive Interview About Emulin GC7X

Emulin GC7XWe were recently contacted by Doctor Ahrens the scientist behind Emulin GC7X and we asked him if we could do an interview with him and he agreed. Below you will see the questions we ask and Dr Ahrens answers. Thanks again for your time we are really greatful.

What led to this amazing breakthrough, it doesn’t look like an overnight discovery. How long did it take to create Emulin GC7X?

We were following the effects of tropical fruits such as grapefruit on human metabolism.  We realized that populations that had a high level of sweet tropical fruits in their diets were not obese and had less incidence of diabetes than other populations.  So there must be something in these fruits that was controlling or regulating the sugar or carbohydrates in the diet.  Over about 10 years we identified the natural compounds, conducted clinical studies, and created Emulin.

Can you explain a bit more in lay-mans terms about each of the seven defenses and how they work?  

Your body is complex and wants to keep itself today the same way it was yesterday, so it resists change.  This is called homeostasis.  In order to control or regulate sugar (which is the same thing as carbohydrates, or energy), you must control it at several points.  Think of it as a traffic cop in NYC.  The cop can’t just go out and control traffic at one intersection and have any effect.  Traffic will just go around another block.  If you want to effectively control the traffic flow, you must have many cops at many intersections.  Similarly, you can’t control sugar in your body by blocking one aspect, your body will figure out how to get around it.  You must have multiple control points.  

Emulin slows down the conversion of starch (like in potatoes and flour) to simple sugar, which makes less sugar to be absorbed to begin with.  It slows the absorption of sugar from your gut to the bloodstream, so you end up with less refined sugar inside your body.  It takes the sugar in your body and preferentially gets it into the muscle tissue rather than fat tissue.  It works with your body’s insulin system to get the sugar where it needs to go more efficiently and out of the bloodstream.  And it lowers the body’s making new sugar to replace the sugar removed.  So people report feeling less sluggish and more energized, they have loss excess weight, and those that have high blood sugar report they are returning to normal.

At what stage is Emulin GC7X? – as it’s a very new product, are you undertaking any further tests?

It is a brand new product.  The patent was just granted in February and it has only been on store shelves a few months.  We have concluded animal and human studies and are currently doing studies putting Emulin directly into foods and beverages.  One of the exciting products we have developed is “Sugir”.  This is regular table sugar with Emulin added.  It makes regular sugar safer for diabetics.  You can actually add this sugar to your food and drinks and have a 3rd generation diet product.  It makes not only the drink “diet”, but the whole meal.

One of the most interesting facts about this product is that there are some world leading diabetes research scientists stating some amazing benefits from taking Emulin GC7X – why are so many leading researchers so excited about it?

It is very rare for a scientist to comment on a product they are testing.  But as one researcher said, “Emulin is a true breakthrough”. 

Will Emulin always be sold in capsules or do you have any other plans?

Our plans include adding it to foods and beverages, especially Sugir, and offering it in bulk form so that users can add it to their own foods and beverages.

Where else other than is Enulin GC7X available at the moment? – are you looking to make it available in other places?  Apart from the GC7X website we are in discussions with the major retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, and WalMart for future distribution.

When Will It be available in the UK?

There is very strong interest in the UK, and some of the research is currently being done there.  It will be available as soon as we meet the red tape labeling requirements of the UK food laws, which are slightly different than in the US.  However, it can be ordered online and shipped to a UK address.


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