GC7X Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions surrounding GC7X and to answer the most common ones we’ve devised this frequently asked questions page. if you do have any other questions then please contact us and we will be more than happy to help find you the answers. However we do suggest that seeking advice from your doctor is definitely the way forward as to getting up-to-date advice and of course a doctor will know all of your medical background and history so will be able to make a perfect judgement when it comes to using GC7X.

So what is the GC7X?

GC7X stands for glucose control seven times. It is called seven times because this is a relationship to the seven metabolic pathways associated with carbohydrate metabolism. The patented GC7X Sugar Defence Blend is a multifunctional combination of one-off metabolic modifiers that found in many tropical plants, vegetables and fruits.

Is GC7X safe to use and has it been clinically tested?

Yes, GC7X has gone through rigourous clinical studies on the Emulin sugar defence blend by two of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. These institutions are Eurofins Scientific SE and the diabetic and glandular disease clinic. So after these tests we are more than happy with not only the results that the safety of GC7X.

GC7X say in instructions that it’s a dietary supplement and that you should take three capsules daily with food. Does this mean I should take all the capsules at once or is it just one capsule per meal?

With GC7X it does not matter whether you take three capsules all at once or if you take one capsule three times a day with each meal, it is equally beneficial. However it is by personal choice that we should take the capsules with food as this is the most common way to take capsules.

Are there any side effects from GC7X?

The ingredients are used to make GC7X made from natural biological modifiers that you can find in all plants and fruits and these have no known side effects. The GC7X surge does however contain 195 mg of natural caffeine, so if you are sensitive side effects from caffeine then we suggest that you just use the standard GC7X.

Is GC7X working to me?

If it is not obvious in the way you look and feel? Scrap that, then it is easy to get a read as to whether GC7X is actually affecting your body’s metabolism. For those of you are familiar with your glucose levels simply looking at those glucose levels and comparing them before and after you use GC7X products this will give you clear indication of the product impact. We always suggest that you consult your physician when you consume any nutritional product and this is also the same GC7X.

I’ve tried lots of other weight loss products so what makes GC7X any different from the rest?

GC7X is not just a weight loss diet product that it can make any lifestyle change or body shaping program more effective and more efficient. Any exercise and dietary changes you make should be amplified by taking GC7X.

I already take other dietary supplements can I take GC7X as well?

The good thing about GC7X is they could be taken along with any other dietary supplements and nutrients, we actually recommend taking it with other dietary supplements as it works perfectly alongside them. GC7X complements a nutritional lifestyle improvement.

My doctors say on obese, so can I use GC7X and is it right to me?

If you’re overweight or in fact obese no one can benefit more from using GC7X, people who are obese generally have a very inefficient carbohydrate metabolism. If carbohydrate metabolism is not under control, it is extremely difficult for anyone to achieve any lifestyle body shaping goal

Should I make any changes to my treatment while consuming GC7X if I already have diabetes?

GC7X was not designed to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. It is very important that you consult your physician/doctor before you start taking GC7X capsules.

I’m currently having treatment for metabolic syndrome can I take GC7X with my current medication?

Please consult your doctor before you take GC7X as is not intended to treat, cure or even diagnose any disease, so we recommend that is very important that you don’t see your physician or your doctor. This way you get the best possible advice.