A Vegetarian diet for diabetics?

Being a vegetarian (or vegan) does not mean that you have to give up the type of diet that is important to you just because you are diagnosed with diabetes. On the contrary, maintaining a balanced, healthy, protein rich vegetarian diet may actually help to keep you blood sugar (glucose) both lower and more stable.

As we know, eating a good amount of fruit and vegetables every day, as a vegetarian as opposed to a heavily carnivorous diet can enrich your general health in so many ways, including a higher fiber intake, increased variety of vitamins and essential nutrients. High fiber intake can also decrease blood sugar levels as it slows down carbohydrate digestion. Depending upon the type of vegetarian diet you choose, it is generally seen as a good indicator of a lower intake of the ‘wrong’ types cholesterol, which can help in the battle against strokes and heart attacks.

So being a vegetarian, even when diabetic can be seen as a good ‘all-rounder’ when it comes to making healthy choices, including a more balanced sugar levels, and effective weight management. Of course, choosing healthy, well balanced vegetarian options are important – choosing a mainly cheese diet for example as opposed to a meat diet can be as unhealthy, if not more so.

In the first instance, as a diabetic, make sure you get the low down on a vegetarian diet that is good for your heart, blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and vitamins. There are many different types of vegetarianism, including or excluding fish or chicken or dairy. Make sure you always make up for the good things you miss out on when cutting out certain foods and food groups. Always talk to a qualified medical doctor or dietitian about your diet plans.

Radically changing the way you eat, and what you eat is fantastic if you are moving to a more healthy lifestyle, but please be patient. Your body needs time to adjust to your new regime. Keeping your glucose levels within tolerance is important that your glucose levels are stabilised during any regime change so check regularly. Also try and take time to relax, and keep in control.

Changing the way you look at, and feel about yourself is an essential step towards a healthy diabetic vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Ensure that you are always trying new and imaginative foods and recipes, and always try something different from the menu. This will help you to keep track of the new healthy you.


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