Dr Joe Ahrens chats plainly about the magic behind Emulin

Dr Ahrens is in a mid Floridian orange grove in early season. The immature citrus fruit he is holding is a Valencia orange. ‘Otherwise known as round oranges, they’re mainly used for juice’. A Tropicana processing plant is based only a few miles from the orange grove.

‘This citrus fruit is exactly where we started with Emulin’ says Joe. ‘We began by looking at the question ‘What is it that is in citrus that seems to prevent people from getting diabetes, or at least gaining weight? You know you drink a soda and your blood sugar spikes way up, but if you take a glass of orange juice, it doesn’t peak nearly as much’ That is where he and partner Daryl Thompson started out; “What is in citrus?”.

After a good several years Joe and Daryl finally identified the compound in citrus that has this leveling effect. The original citrus discovery leaped forward as they discovered other molecules that work even harder in combination. And they have found them in greater concentrations, particularly in tropical berries. Joe explains that there are three compounds in Emulin that work together to have an effect whereby insulin is emulated. ‘That’s why we call it Emulin; emulating insulin’.

‘The first thing that happens’ explains Joe ‘is that it inhibits, in your mouth, the change of starch to simple sugars. So once this process is slowed down there is not as much free sugar absorbed into your body because your body cannot absorb straight starch. It has to be broken down into simple sugars first. The second process is that in the lining of your gut; your stomach and your intestines, there are ‘little doorways’ that open up for simple sugars to come into the bloodstream, and we slow that process down too, we keep those doorways closed, not all of them but some of them we close down.

Once the sugar is in your bloodstream, it has to decide where to go ‘is it going to go the brain, is it going to go into muscle tissue?’ Well there is a component in Emulin that helps guide this sugar to the muscle tissue and to the doorways in the brain, and helps to keep it out of fat tissue.

Not only does it keep glucose out of fat tissue, it also helps to prevent the development of fat tissue, furthermore, Emulin also causes glucose to ‘leak’ back out of fat tissue. That’s why a lot of people report losing weight when drinking a juice such as grapefruit for example. If you try to lower your blood glucose just by reducing the amount of sugar you take up, the process won’t work nearly as well because your body wants to go right back up to where it was in the morning. Put another way, if the body doesn’t get enough sugar it tries to make new sugar, but one of the components in Emulin slows this process down – known as ‘gluconeogenesis’ or the making of new sugar – that by the way is the same way as how Metformin works, the world’s most popular drug for diabetes. Lastly Emulin causes an increase in insulin sensitivity. Now in Type II diabetes, you have insulin in your body, but it is not working as well as it should, it is not opening those doorways to the right parts of your body properly. Now in the presence of Emulin, insulin could cause those doorways to open up much more effectively. And that is how Emulin works from A to Z.’

Dr Ahrens is trying to make Emulin more widely accessed. It is already available as GC7X Surge and Diabetix.


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