Emulin GC7X – Getting You Back In Control Of Your Metabolism…

So what is it about Emulin GC7X that makes it so different to many other supplements out there?

So you are looking to get your blood sugar levels down and stable or lose weight – what does Emulin GC7X really do to help?

Is there something about this new entrant into the supplement market that will really tackle the challenge of blood sugar control and fat formation in an entirely different way to any other?

GC7X Emulin

Emulin GC7X is the product of many years of research and clinical trials. There is now substantial scientific evidence such as pre-clinical trials, including human clinical trials and a decade of development from two leading scientists including Dr Joe Ahrens and Daryl Thompson.

A report on Emulin GC7X by Professor Dr. Ralph DeFronzo, Professor and Director & Division Chief on the Diabetes Unit of the University of Texas Health Center and one of the worlds’ foremost diebetes research scientists states that the company behind Emulin – ATM, after gathering experience ‘in generating and applying Rational Drug Design and Computer Modeling…

“Continued computer simulations in conjunction with the pre-clinical and clinical results and data obtained from literature reviews, suggested that Emulin™, if consumed regularly, could not only have the acute effect of lowering the glycemic impact of foods, but chronically increase insulin production and sensitivity, lower background blood glucose levels of type 2 diabetics, and not only arrest, but reverse the development of diabetes in pre-diabetes individuals.”

What is Emulin GC7X made of, is it just the same old tried and tested supplement ingredients?

Put simply; No. The three main compounds of Emulin GC7X; Myraxis Barberry Bark, Sophora Japonica Flower Extract and Chloraxis, an extract of Green Coffee Bean have never been used in combination before, and one of these ingredients is brand new to the general supplement market. These are not ‘re-hashed’ ingredients from other well known brands made to look pretty – this is a truly unique and patented supplement, and cannot be copied or used by any other brand unless specifically licensed.

GC7X Emulin

OK, so if Emulin GC7X is so special – tell me exactly how it works!!

This proprietary blend of Emulin GC7X (meaning unique and protected by patent law) has led to a (truly) revolutionary breakthrough in the both the management of your body’s blood sugar management system, and the control of your body’s fat uptake and storage. So Emulin GC7X not only controls how much sugar (carbohydrate) your body is absorbing from foods including pasta, breads, candy, cakes and colas (so defending your body by effectively regulating sugar intake) but at the same time helps to burn fat that is already stored in your body. This is why it is seen as such an exciting newcomer into the supplement market. Emulin GC7X ‘ticks all the boxes’ – it is seen as a ‘good health – long term all-rounder’ but with the massive added benefits of producing incredible results within a few months for people with blood sugar or weight issues.

Yes I understand, but how does Emulin GC7X actually work in detail? Can you take me through a step by step guide of how Emulin GC7X effects how my body metabolises sugar?

The unique qualities of Emulin G7CX is that it attacks the challenges of metabolism on not one or two but SEVEN different fronts. But on what fronts, and how exactly? Let’s take a closer look;

GC7X Emulin - Total Glucose Control

In summary Emulin GC7X helps to combat the challenges of;

  • The Conversion of starch to sugar
  • Absorption of Glucose
  • Glucose Tissue Uptake
  • Formation of Fat from Glucose
  • Glucose regulation or ‘Homeostasis’
  • The Release of Insulin
  • Insulin Sensitivity (better pathways of communication)
  • Breaking these seven points down;

Starch is a complex carbohydrate, in which glucose (simple sugar) units are all stuck together to make a long chain. Normally when you eat a food containing starch your small intestine breaks down the starch into glucose molecules then further still into single glucans so that they can be absorbed and carried around your body to ‘feed’ your cells if you need it, or be stored as fat if you don’t. Emulin GC7X inhibits or slows down the ability for your body to break the starch down into glucose, and therefore it cannot be absorbed into your blood stream.

GC7X Emulin

Not only does Emulin GC7X reduce the ability of the gut to absorb simple sugars into the blood stream, therefore decreasing the chances of ‘sugar spikes’ in your body, but also reduces glucose synthesis in the liver. What this means is that the liver produces and releases less (i.e. better regulated) glucose into the blood stream, again defending the body against dangerous sugar spikes. This also reduces opportunities for the body to absorb excess glucose and turn it into fat tissue, a very important role in weight management.

‘Glucose Homeostasis’ is the regulation of blood sugar in your blood stream. Emulin GC7X promotes the your body’s regulation of blood sugar, helping to stabilise blood sugar levels not only in the short term, but just as importantly in the long term. Suffering sugar spikes for long periods can confuse organs such as the liver and pancreas. Stabilising your body’s metabolic processes (how your body deals with sugar absorption and delivery to the cells that need it) gives a better chance for your organs to ‘get back to normal’ whilst working together in keeping your sugar levels stable. This in turn helps to regulate insulin release, and, as sugar levels are at a more balanced level promotes a more effective communication system (or signalling pathways) between organs creating a more stable environment for the promotion of insulin sensitivity.

Wow! Now you can see why Emulin GC7X is THE candidate for great metabolic function, combating metabolic syndrome, and weight management issues.

OK – fine I understand the science, but how long does it take to work?

Clinical studies show amazing results within just one week using Emulin GC7X, but the time it takes to benefit fully can vary widely from person to person. Stabilising blood sugar levels can take from a few weeks to several months, this will be the same for weight loss or weight management, so giving Emulin GC7X a real fighting chance to work properly for you is essential. Remember Emulin GC7X is not a “quick fix” – nothing is. Too many people demand too much too soon – don’t have unrealistic expectations – be patient. There is very good science behind Emulin GC7X so if this is your first purchase into all-round health, then buy 3 month’s worth to allow this unique patented formula to get to work properly.

GC7X Emulin

Remember you are getting a supplement taking on no less than 7 essential tasks in just 1 capsule. Approximately $35 per month or around $1 per day is a fantastic deal for such a multi-tasker!

There are 2 products on sale, what is the Emulin GC7X Surge?

If you are more inclined towards weight management rather than the management of metabolic syndrome, then Emulin GC7X Surge includes the extra ingredient Caffeine anhydrous (195mg). This promotes thermogenic fat burning (speed at which your body metabolises), which in turn enhances the weight loss potential of Emulin GC7X.

Try something new and truly groundbreaking to help you get back in control of your metabolism Emulin GC7X!!!


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