Meals For Reducing Glucose Level

Reduce Glucose LevelsThe level of glucose in our body basically goes hand in hand through the type and amount of food consumption. Dealing your sugar level of blood does not actually indicate that you will have to be unsatisfied or always do away with your favorite dishes. Let’s look at several meals which are considered the best in dealing of reduce glucose level in your blood.

The lima beans: They contain high fiber that helps in reducing down the process of digestion thus preventing blood glucose from rising quickly after having a meal. Prepare lima beans by simmering for about half an hours and the drain, sauté them with chopped ham, vinegar or a red pepper, and chopped red onions. It is recommended to select fresh lima beans rather than the frozen ones. Remember never to take raw lima beans because lima beans have a toxin which resembles cyanide which can usually make you sick. In addition, lima beans are also familiar as the butter beans due to their creamy texture. The substitute to the lima beans includes black beans, navy beans as well as the pinto beans.

Peanut and Peanut butter: Although peanut contains high calories, they actually lower the sugar of blood by a big amount. Besides, peanut contains healthy fats which are really vital to the human body. You can use the peanut in your diet by toasting it on a cookie sheet in a 300-degree heat for about ten minutes, shaking them three to four times before sprinkling them on your greens. In the absence of peanuts you can use pecans, walnuts, or almonds.

Vinegar: Vinegar contains the acetic acid which helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level after having a meal. Besides, vinegar has been considered, for many years, as a cure for many ailments. There is a variety of vinegars in the market that you can choose from such as the red wine vinegar, balsamic, rice vinegar among others. You may use vinegar by pouring it on fresh strawberries or tomatoes, or use it according to your preference.

Spinach: Spinach is a green type of vegetable containing a lot of magnesium which helps in controlling blood sugar as well as decreasing the chances of blood pressure increase. Use spinach by sautéing mushroom together with garlic in olive oil and tossing immediately with fresh spinach. You may add a small amount of vinegar to improve the taste. Remember to prewash spinach before cutting to preserve the content as well as to improve its taste. Soybeans, cashews, halibut, and almonds can be used in place of spinach as they are also rich in magnesium. Spinach helps you to reduce glucose level in your blood.

Cinnamon: Basically, cinnamon contains an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents which is good in keeping the blood sugar as low as possible. Besides, cinnamon has the ability to increase the resistance of insulin in the body. In case you find it hard to access cinnamon, you can use cloves which work in the similar manner as the cinnamon.
Crunchy Granola Wedges: These snacks help to improve regulation of blood sugar in the body. You can have them served with the nuts of your choice or even subbing the cranberries for dried cherries.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is an unlimited source of soluble fiber and it is a very vital substance of keeping blood sugar level low. In addition, oatmeal helps to keep the body safe from the risk of contracting the type2 diabetes. The substitute for oatmeal includes Brussels sprout, oranges, peas, grape fruits, ground psyllium, and many others.

Grapefruits: Grapefruits contain an antioxidant known as naringenin which is so powerful in improving body insulin resistance no matter how much you eat. Also naringenin helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol in blood as well as reduce glucose level in the blood. Other sources of naringenin include tangelos, tomatoes, and Seville oranges.


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