Weight Lose Program – Emulin GC7X

Weight Lose Program - A major breakthrough following clinical trials in Florida has just been announced, showing Emulin GC7X as a major player in the weight lose program category. Emulin GC7X, a patented natural formula, already helping to fight against lower blood sugar levels, has added yet another wow factor string to its bow in the form of clinicaly proven amazing weight lose program (weight loss) results. Winter Haven based Perfect Form … [Read more...]

Why are diabetics interested in counting carbohydrates?

A carbohydrate counting plan gives you a an effective way of understanding what you consume, and how it can affect you. If you are serious about counting your carbohydrates as part of a meal planner it takes a little time and effort to both learn and get used to. As a very basic rule, looking at your foods in three groups i.e. 1. Carbohydrates 2. Proteins 3. Fats will help you to define how much of each group you should be consuming in order to … [Read more...]